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Bertoni Polarized P810A motorcycle sun glasses


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Motorcycle glasses are not an accessory but a necessity. The blinding light of the sun and dazzling reflections are enemies of the motorcycle and a potential hazard. Gi motorcycle goggles must be forced synonymous with safety and comfort. The technical glasses for mountain bikers Bertoni lenses impact resistant, built with durable materials and lightweight, wraparound frames are windproof and comfortable, special glasses to be worn under the helmet and with a variety of lenses designed for all conditions of visibility
Polarized glasses motorcycle: many surfaces reflect the sun's rays like a mirror (glass, water, snow), amplifying the intensity. E 'therefore necessary to adopt a good protection for your eyes against the glare. The glasses polarized lens of this line are the perfect solution for these problems: the push of a selective process eliminates the effect of blinding light. The daylight traveling in waves that oscillate in all directions. Even the light polarizing travels, but moves on two-dimensional basis: horizontal and vertical. The vertical light carries information to the eye, allowing you to see colors and contrasts, while horizontal light creates visual disturbances such as glare. The polarized lens is the only one that blocks the light polarized horizontally, filter and allows only light that can be better absorbed by the eye. In addition, the lens technology poIarizzanti intensifies the contrasts and improves color perception, for the benefit of a relaxed and secure.
Polarized Lenses treatment
Weight 18 gr.
Base curve 8


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