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Manufacturer: Alpinestars | Sku: 65081209310

Alpinestars Tech Air 5 Airbag System Dark Grey Black


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Product Description Alpinestars Tech Air 5 Airbag System Dark Grey Black

Tech-Air® 5 is the latest addition to the Alpinestars Tech-Air® family and represents a significant demonstration of Alpinestars' commitment to making technology more freely available, as the best possible choice of active "airbag" protection on the market.
Tech-Air® 5 is a thin and autonomous airbag vest that can be worn under compatible jackets and also under any fabric jacket keeping in mind that the jacket must be large enough to contain the expansion of the airbag in the event of an accident. For textile jackets this requires an additional 6 cm of space around the circumference of the body. For motorcyclists who want to wear a leather sports jacket, Tech-Air® 5 can also be worn with Tech-Air® 5 compatible leather jackets that have integrated leather expansion panels to adapt to the inflation of the airbag.
Tech-Air® 5 offers unparalleled upper body protection for motorcyclists, totally covering their shoulders, chest, ribs and back. Alpinestars Tech-Air® 5 offers the most comprehensive coverage of all currently available airbags.
It is equipped with an active electronic system that includes six integrated sensors (3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers) and a stop algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to precisely monitor when to deploy the airbag in the event of an accident. Developed in years of research with the best MotoGP riders in the world, analyzing the data of millions of kilometers and thousands of accidents to constantly improve the intelligent impact detection algorithm. Upon detection of an accident situation, the airbag is deployed in a fraction of time between 20 and 40 ms, providing the pilot with unparalleled protection. The absorption of the impact while wearing the airbag causes a reduction in impact force of up to 93% compared to passive protection. The Tech-Air® 5 airbag system offers the same protection provided by 18 back protectors.
The system is also extremely easy to use, just close the vest zip and close the magnetic flap and you are ready to drive. An LED display indicates the operating status of the airbag and the integrated certified lithium-ion battery has a duration of 30 hours of driving. The system is equipped with a magnetic micro USB charger that allows for quick charging.

Tech-Air® 5 can take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity and a supplied Tech-Air® app, which uses the pilot's phone to view the operating status of the system, the battery status and a detailed analysis of a run; the system firmware can also be updated directly through the app.
In December 2019, Tech-Air® 5 was already recognized by CES as one of the innovative products not to be missed in the wearable technology market.

Directions for use:
- There are no switches, the system is activated by closing the hinge and the magnet, so be careful when it is on the crutch or placed in the box that the magnet does not make contact
- Fully charge the system the first time using the supplied micro usb cable (12 hours only the first time), then with 4 hours you will have the full charge which guarantees 30 hours of use. If the time available is limited with one hour of charging, 7/8 hours of use is guaranteed

- Six integrated sensors (3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers)
- Drive between 20 and 40 ms
- Upper body protection (shoulders, chest, ribs and back)
- Impact reduction up to 95%
- LED display with operating indicator
- Integrated lithium-ion battery (duration about 30 hours)
- Magnetic micro USB charger
- Bluetooth connectivity app for smartphones

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