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BERTONI P446A Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses


Cod: P446A

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Many surfaces reflect the sun's rays just like a mirror (so do windows, water surfaces and snow), amplifying the intensity. It is necessary in these conditions to protect your eyes against this glare. The polarised lenses of the glasses of this line are the perfect solution to this problem: they cut out the excess light. The light of the day travels in all directions instead the polarised light travels in two directions: horizontally and vertically. The vertical light brings information to the eye, making it possible to see colours and contrast, while the horizontal light is the one with which we see glare. The polarised lenses are the only which can block out the horizontal polarised light, acting like a filter and making our eyes absorb only the best light. Plus, the polarised lens technology intensifies the contrasts improving the perception of colours, this is great for driving safely but relaxing the eye




 Technical characteristics :


  • Mount Material
    Polycarbonate - It is the most used material in sports optical industries. It offers a hight resistance in impacts although it is extremly light.
  • Lenses Material
    Polycarbonate - It's the most used type of lens for sportwear becouse it has a hight protection against impact, 20 times stronger than crystal but weighs a third.
  • Frame Caratteristics
    Side arms and nose pads: The side arms of the frames and the nose pads absorb humidity, always giving a perfect adhesion and a comfortable feeling.

  • Frame Color:

          Rubber Black 


  • Lens Color:

          Polarized Grey



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