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CE back protector Rev'it Seesoft RV Blue Black


Cod: fpb0032250



€ 39,99

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The insert CE approved back protector Seesoft Level 2 is designed to absorb impacts of varying intensity without compromising comfort, ventilation or freedom of movement. The mixture of nitrile rubber and polynorbornene is highly impact-resistant and forms a sponge with memory that is classified multi impact CE certified to the highest level (EN 1621-2:2003 - level 2).

In the case of severe impact angle, the individual layers of foam with memory slide between them, causing the dispersion of the impact forces over an area wider and thus minimizing the energy which is transmitted to the backbone and at the back.
Applying a concept of multi-level, REV'IT! has developed a flexible insert back protector that has consistent performance under all conditions.

Composition 100% Polymer Foam



Compatible with:
- Track Hunter, GT-R, Replica, Masaru, Akira, Venom, Spitfire

- Jackie Stellar, Galactic, Roamer, Redhook, Flatbush, Adrenaline Evo, Stream, Replica, Flatbush Vintage and Air Vintage, Airstream, Pilot, Masaru, Akira and Akira Air, Spitfire, Blake and Blake Air, Stewart and Stewart Air, Gibson , Fargo, Albright, Vaughn, Lane, Naples, Sand 2 and Sand 2 HV, Levante, Excalibur, Jupiter and Jupiter 2, Safari, Outback, Nautilius, Trafalger, Concorde, Oxford, Rivoli, Poseidon GTX, Chronos GTX, Neptune, Neptune GTX HV, Manzoni, Hillcrest, Windstor, Monte, GT-R Air, Voltaic, Voltaic HV, Vapor, Elysee, Square 2, Avenue 2 GTX, Airforce, Shield, Raceway, Cayenne Pro, Jackson, Tyler, Dayton, Airwave 2, Enterprise 2, Safari, Tornado 2 and Tornado HV, Outback 2, Woodbury, Millburn, Newton, Fulton, Williamsburg, Metropolitan, Watson, Vigor, Intercept.

- Jackets women Galatic, Roamer, Xena, Xena 2, Bellecour, Allure Evo, Levante, Jupiter, Victoria, Crescent, Melrose, Voltaic, Sand, Monroe, Neptune GTX, Airwave 2, Outback 2, Jupiter 2, Eclipse, Horizon, Vigor

Vest Force Vest
- Overshirt Tracer Shirts, Hoody Stealt, Overshirt Westport, Overshirt Hudson, Overshirt Bison

Size 03 is compatible with:
- Size 46-48 for men's leather jackets and Hunter suit
- Sizes 34-44 for women's leather jackets
- Sizes 44-48 for Suits
- Sizes 34-36 and XS for men and women's jackets
- Size S-M for Vests and Shirts

Size 04 is compatible with:
- Sizes 50-54 for men's leather jackets and jackets
- Size 46 for women's leather sizes
- S-M size for men's jackets
- Size S-L and 38-44 for women's jackets
- Size L-XXL for Vests and Shirts

Size 05 is compatible with:
- Size 56 for suits and 56-58 for Suit Hunter
- Sizes 56-58 for man leather jackets
- L-XXL size for men's fabric jackets
- Size 46-48 for women's jackets
- The 3XL size for the Tracer shirt

Size 06 is compatible with:
- The size 60 and 62 for man leather jackets
- 3XL and 4XL sizes for men's fabric jackets


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