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Chain Lubricant Chain Lube Racing Castrol Spray 400ml



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Castrol Chain Lube Racing
Castrol Chain Lube is an advanced fully synthetic lubricant for motorcycle chains that sets a new standard in chain lubrication.
E 'was developed to combat corrosion by chemical action and to resist the centrifugal force and to the dispersion caused by the water, leaving a uniform layer of protection against aggressive agents.
Suitable for standard chains, with O-ring or X-ring
Forms a long lasting lubricant film, the dry type and semi-transparent, which has extraordinary resilience to high speed and centrifugal force of the water
It forms a low-friction coating that reduces operating temperatures and extends chain life.
Provides superior protection against metal corrosion resulting from exposure to moisture and salt
Good damping properties at high and low temperatures
Grand Prix Series


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