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Chain Lubricant chainrace by MA-FRA, Spray for Highway



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The chain fatty CHAINRACE is the exasperation of the concept of racing product, ideal for those riders usually frequent the tracks. CHAINRACE is a product designed for use without compromise, and ensures superior gliding of the chain. Its exclusive technology FRG (from fluid to gel), is an exclusive patent that makes him an unparalleled benchmark in the motorcycle world. CHAINRACE, developed by MA-FRA in close collaboration with the larger bike manufacturers with the best teams in the Superbike and GP, has passed the most stringent testing on track: the end result is really excellent, exceptional smoothness of the final drive. Its white color makes it easily identifiable on the chain, so you know when it's time to repeat the application.
The name CHAINRACE immediately identifies a product suitable for use racing bikes more experienced user. Its strength lies in obtaining a large smoothness of the final drive. CHAINRACE does not drip, does not stain the rim and is also suitable for chains with or without O-ring and X-ring.
CHAINRACE is available in packs of 250 ml spray.
The FRG technology, exclusive patent MA-FRA, transforms the product, immediately after spraying, from extremely fluid - makes penetration into various components - in a gel, capable of "anchor" to the individual parts for a total lubrication. It 's absolutely the best fat-chain on the market.


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