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Clover Road WP Level 1 Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket Black Grey


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Individual Protection Device, ie falls into that category of products classified as protectors and as such therefore subject to a number of parameters within which the device must ensure a high level of protection
to the wearer.
The reference standard for protective clothing for professional motorcycle is UNI EN 13595-1
The most important rules in relation to which PPE must submit certified to EN 13595-1 are in particular:
EN 13595-2: It aims to determine, with a specific test method, the impact abrasion resistance
EN 13595-3: It aims to determine, with a specific test method, the bursting strength of the structural stitching
EN 13595-4: has the purpose of determining, with a specific test method, the shear strength to the impact
Only garments that exhibit the label CE EN 13595-1 Protective garments are certified for safety.
In addition, the certification EN 13595-1 must be obtained by removing all the layers inside the detachable head (such as thermal insulations and membranes), which could skew the test results.
The DPI has in fact comply with the safety requirements prescribed by the regulations, even if the user decides to remove the detachable inner layers of which could be composed of the garment.
There are other requirements of the European Standard for an article of clothing can be certified to EN 13595-1, one of them is definitely the ergonomics, but those shown in the preceding pages are arguably the most important.
Clover finally, the Personal Protective Equipment can ensure the safety, they can only reduce abrasions or contusions in protected areas.
Therefore, it is recommended to use protective clothing such as long as the use of these is not considered reason to raise the level of risk.
Specifications PPE - Personal Protective Equipment "CE" EN 13595-1 Certification Level 1 Outdoor Fabrics: "DHP 700" 3 layers, 4 seasons, 100% waterproof protections "CE" removable and adjustable shoulder and elbow membrane "Aquazone" Waterproof and breathable fabric (removable) thermal padding "MicroValtherm" (detachable) Double Seat side and rear neck closure with adjustable volume control adjustment fund life jacket volume adjustment Fine adjustment arms neck "Snap Slider" (key supplied) Preparation cuffs to gloves Nr .4 front pockets, including No.2 No.4 Waterproof waterproof inner pockets front air injectors, on arms and rear reflective inserts, side and rear zip fastening jacket pants Groin straps (detachable) Provision for back protector art. 1283






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