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Cylinder Dryarn Befast


Cod: 12000bf

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The cylinder Befast is the perfect ally to face any temperature:
Winter temperature: the cylinder creates a microclimate with internal body temperature giving good protection from the cold
Summer temperature: the cylinder allows to escape the excessive heat and water vapor giving a pleasant feeling dry. Feature also ideal for long journeys fuoriportorta during the summer
In addition, the cylinder presents no stitching in areas where the adhesion, essential for the exploitation of its characteristics, it may result in signs and hassles.
Made using specific materials which in combination, result of extensive research and experimentation, give excellent performance.
The Dryarn is a polypropylene fiber lightweight, water repellent and antiallergic the use of which allows the layer in contact with the skin to transfer the sweat to the most external: in this way allows the natural evaporation away from the skin, so as to not cause cooling and allow the body thermoregulation spontaneous.

Technical data sheet:
Material: Dryarn
Made without side seams
Do you charge for electrostatic
Does not absorb any stain


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