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DEMOSQUITOS by Mafra, elimina residui insetti


Cod: MQHO144

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DEMOSQUITOS was developed to easily and thoroughly remove all traces of insects from bike, scooter, cars bodywork; it produces excellent results on helmets and for general use on organic dirt. DEMOSQUITOS is the fruit of collaboration between MA-FRA'S chemists, experts from the leading bike manufacturers and technicians from the top Superbike and GP teams. The resulting product is quick and safe to use and ensures a perfect finish.

The name DEMOSQUITOS was chosen to convey intuitively the product's strong point: its unique ability to completely eliminate all traces of insects from bike surfaces. Thanks to its exclusive balanced formulation, DEMOSQUITOS cleans delicate surfaces such as carbon, fibre-glass, lexan, polycarbonates and all plastics, without any risk of damage.

DEMOSQUITOS is available in practical 500 ml spray containers.


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