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Dynojet Multi-Function Hub Accessory for Power Commander III USB

Cod: HUB-002

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The Multi-Function Hub allows user to access advanced expansion features. Several optional harnesses are available to permit both input and output to/from the module.
About the Map Selection Switch Connecting the map selection switch allows the rider to switch between two different maps within the Power Commander. For Touring Bikes this could be used to switch between a "fuel economy map" for long rides and a "full performance map." 
For sport bikes it could be used for applications such as "dry nitrous oxide" kits to permit the user to make the fuel mixture richer when activating the system. Additionally, if the Power Commander has an ignition module connected it can switch to a less aggressive timing map at the same time. 
Gear Position/Speed Input Fuel and ignition timing (when using the Dynojet Ignition Module) adjustments can be made based on gear position or speed. If the user wants to advance the timing in lower gears while retarding it in higher gears this input makes that possible.
 Pressure Input When using a Power Commander on turbocharged applications, the Boost input option makes it possible to have the fuel automatically increase with boost level. In situations where the user has an adjustable boost controller, this makes remapping each time the boost level is changed unnecessary. Relay Output Based on the data from the Power Commander and the inputs from the Multi-Function Hub, a solenoid, relay, warning light, etc. can be triggered. This can be used to activate items such as a shift light, nitrous oxide system, or air shifter. 


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