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Givi trk33n Trekker Monokey top case with aluminum finish Black

Givi Trekker Monokey top case with aluminum finish and extruded


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33 Lt black suitcase with aluminum finish with top opening
Available in two versions with capacities of 46 LT (TRK46N) and 33 LT (TRK33N), the new trekker are the ideal solution for the bikes equipped with exhaust pipes only on one side; Buy affixing the smaller bag to the side where the exhaust pipe, and the larger on the other, in many cases you can solve the problem of the asymmetry that you might find using traditional side bags.
Thanks to special selectors placed inside the bags, on both versions, you can decide whether to open the entire lid or only the uppermost smaller opening (very practical for quickly accessing items from the bag, avoiding any ill timed spilling the whole luggage).
Decorated with a high-quality anodized aluminum foil true, these bags are not necessarily specific to just enduro bikes, but for the most stylish bikes do.
The particularity of being sold individually wrapped, and be used as a top case on the Monokey plates, allows the customer to choose the combination that fails to meet its space needs, deciding which mount to the bike.

capacity 33 l
dimensions 411 x 230 x 526
maximum weight of 10 kg


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