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Manufacturer: MM Independent | Sku: MMFIR01

Helmet Jet MM Independent Florence LIMITED EDITION Purple

The Florentine Helmet: Limited edition, Florentine symbols in purple and gold, night visibility with Chrometech®, homologated and unique in style.


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Product Description Helmet Jet MM Independent Florence LIMITED EDITION Purple

Graphics in shades of purple and gold that represent Florentine culture and history.
Writings and finishes in gold -colored relief also visible at night thanks to the Chrometech® technology.
Chrometech® is the only coloring that has a reflective effect in any brightness condition. For example, in the case of artificial lights such as cars headlights, Chrometech® reflects the light source, making itself much more visible than a normal color.
This refractive effect allows the motorcyclist to be clearly visible on the road even at a long distance, especially in a night environment, giving the helmets depth and recognition without comparison.
The symbols of the Florentine identity are depicted on the cap.
On the right side Michelangelo's David in all its splendor flanked by Ponte Vecchio, the only one of the bridges on the Arno to survived the Second World War, today an iconic symbol of the city, sees millions of tourists pass on it every month .
On the left side the majestic dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, visible from every point in the city, the supreme Renaissance architectural masterpiece, flanked at the spring of Botticelli, among the most classic examples of the transversal pictorial art in the history of the city.
Posteriorly and frontally the lily, symbol of pride and pride for every citizen of Florence, whose fame echoes all over the world. And to connect the two blazons the Marzocco, the lion on which the shield rests with the lily, symbol of the popular power and totem of the city.
Limited edition product. Only 300 pieces available. On each helmet there is the serial number (e.g. "1/300" selectable on request, subject to availability).
• Jet helmet
• Polycarbonate cap
• Urban style
• With transparent visor, spherical with carbon support. Fanging treatment with radiation absorption of up to 400 microns (UV Absorber) with sewn leather edge and with aeronautical carbon support support supports.
• Interior with silver ion treatment for an effective bacterium-star
• High absorption fabric of sweat and micro-fried network.
• micrometric closure

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