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Manufacturer: HJC | Sku: 182102hjc


The 1 has been designed and developed after several years of targeted efforts and crucial feedback by the best world -class athletes in MotoGP.


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Product Description Hjc RPHA1 LOVIS BLUID BLUE BELLO

The RPHA 1 has been designed and developed after several years of targeted efforts and crucial feedback by the best world -class athletes in MotoGP. HJC engineers worked to create a racing helmet that is truly worthy of the best race circuits all over the world. The RPHA 1 is the same model used by the HJC world class athletes, both in MotoGP and in the Worldsbk, and HJC is ready to finally launch it in full production with the FIM approval (FRPHE -01) - the safety certification.
The RPHA 1 Racing Helmet helmet is approved according to FIM Racing standards and the new ECE 22.06 legislation.
The HJ-35 visor designed for Pinlock provides 99% UV protection, scratch-up, double closing system
Tear-off installed
The new simplified visor attack system allows a simple and safe replacement of the visor without technical supports
Pinlock 120 included.
The reinforcement materials, including Carbon and Carbon-Glass Hybrid Fabric, provide greater impact resistance for a more comfortable and light helmet.
HJC The helmets are tested both in the laboratory and in the "real life" to satisfy the highest quality standards. HJC is one of the very few manufacturers of helmets with its own cutting -edge laboratory in the wind gallery to test aerodynamics, ventilation, noise and more. The trial laboratory of the HJC wind gallery measures air forces in a variety of driving conditions to improve the performance of the helmet.
The advanced antibacterial tissue provides better perspiration and quick drying. Removable interior. The grooves for glasses can accommodate motorcyclists who bring glasses.
Hjc 'S hels, together with our technology, added experience in the design of the MotoGP race helmets to have the best technology in aerodynamics and ventilation and related sectors. HJC's Caschi provide the most airy helmets on the market. Try the best performance with your HJC helmet.
Emergency Kit: Emergency Kit (Cheek Pads) for a quick and safe rescue in an emergency situation. Double Ring to D System of Schyllo Rapid Fire ™ replacement system: a simple and safe shield cricchetto system provides an ultra quick and without tools and an installation for efficient operations.
The guarantee is applicable to the manufacturer's defects for a maximum of 5 years from the date of purchase, or 7 years from the date of production. (the first of the two).

4 Calotte: XXS-XS, S-M, L, XL-2XL.

- Touring and Urban
- with visor
- Preparation for Pinlock lens
- ECE 22.06 homologation

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