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Manufacturer: Komobi | Sku: KOMOBIPROPREMIUM

Komobi Pro Premium motorcycle anti-theft system

Advanced protection and telemetry for motorcycles, with GPS, alarms, heat map and statistics.

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Product Description Komobi Pro Premium motorcycle anti-theft system

General description
• Anti -theft alarms and recognition keychain
• GPS location and real -time tracking
• Registration of paths and statistics.
• Notification of your next reviews
• Only in the pro! Telemetry and heat maps
Includes a year of connectivity.


With Komobi Pro Premium you will have all the protection that Komobi City offers you, plus all the fun that the Pro version offers you, where you can save your paths to relive them and analyze them in depth once your turns are finished. You can know what your use statistics have been, your speed metrics, angles, braking and acceleration in each section of the journey and you will keep a register of all your paths, it is time to exploit (really) your bike.

• ✅ Double alarm system: In Komobi we designed the only anti -theft alarm system for area and movement for motorcycles. Our device creates a virtual perimeter around you and if your bike leaves the safety area, the alarm will activate from your mobile app and we will call you. In addition, the system detects any impact or movement suffered by the bike.

• ✅ Registration of routes and notification of the revisions: you can see all your statistics and get to know the paths made with your motorcycle. In addition, Komobi will keep you informed about the number of kilometers remaining before your next mechanical coupon and will allow you to plan notifications to warn you when you are going to end.

• ✅ Telemetry: In Komobi Moto we use telemetry to know the characteristics of any path you have taken. An exclusive system that will provide you with an analysis of how the journey was. The maximum and minimum speed reached in each stretch, the inclination and corners of the bike in the curves, the time spent on the motorcycle, heat maps, etc.

• ✅ Intelligent keychain: includes a recognition or smartkey key ring that deals with identifying motorcyclists as vehicle owners and not as thieves to avoid false alarms. Shock resistant and safe, has a 3 month autonomy, but you can know the charge level through the app and recharge it when necessary.

• ✅ Simple and safe installation: Just connect your GPS tracker to the app via a quick instruction manual. Komobi has a one month autonomy and automatically recharges every time you drive, without downloading the battery of the bike. It does not require maintenance and has integrated the SIM. In addition, the connectivity subscription is annual and has a cost of € 49.90. It can also be installed on the battery of cars, scooters and electric bicycles.

In short words…

• You will know if your bike will be in danger thanks to the anti -theft system.
• Real time tracing of your bike in case of theft.
• You will review your statistics and register all your paths.
• ???? ???? Eslcusive of the Pro! You will have your paths recorded with telemetry and competition metrics.
• ???? exclusive of the pro! You will have the thermal map with your paths to relive them.
• ???? exclusive of the pro! You will enjoy a premium location to obtain maximum precision instantly.

How does the Komobi anti -theft system work?

• Hide the device in your bike and connect the cable. It will take 5 minutes.
• With the double alarm system, we will warn you to the reception of any suspicious movement or movement.
• With the Premium GPS locator you can know in real time where your bike is located in order to recover it if it has already been stolen.

What does the Komobi Pro Premium package includes?

In addition to the device, of course:
• Intelligent key ring: recognizes the conductor as the owner and not as a thief. Activate and deactivate the alarm.
• Installation materials: adhesive, cables and instructions for installation.
• Ultra -form adhesive: resistant to high temperatures.
• GPRS technology: coverage in Europe, more United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.
• IP65 protection: protection against water sketches. Shock resistant.
• SIM integrated into the device.

From now…

• You will no longer have to worry, your bike will be well protected.
• You will be safer and more peaceful when you drive it.
• You will have control of your bike at hand.
• You will plan the notices so as not to miss a review

Komobi concessions
• Receive it in 48/72 hours. If you make the order now, your bike will be protected very soon.
• Try it for 15 days. Request it and if it doesn't convince you, we will refund you.
???????? Komobi is a busy brand made in Spain. Our development and production workshops are based in Seville.

Additional Information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 4.7 × 7.8 × 2.4 cm

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