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MIDLAND BT Next Bluetooth intercom - for one helmet


Cod: c969midland

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Technical features:

    Multi pair Intercom up to 4 riders
    Long distance up to 1 mile (1.6 km)
    Multi Device Compatibility - Bluetooth connections to mobile phones, stereo MP3 players and GPS devices
    AGC Technology: automatically adjusts the headset volume based on ambient noise and driving speed
    Stereo A2DP protocol for stereo music
    FM Radio receiver stereo with RDS - six station memory
    Foldable Antenna
    Programmable via USB (set up the unit and update the firmware)
    VOX Activation: Allows users to open the intercom connection , answer and make phone calls with voice dial
    Voice status messages
    2 mounting kits (plate with bi-adhesive strip and screw type clamp)
    Two types of microphone (boom mike and wired mike)
    Standard charger USB



What do you need to update to the new 2.0 version?

-      PC with operative system Windoes XP, Vista o 7

-      Check on your BTNext box, if you have the sticker "Ready for 2.0 Upgrades":

From the list of Links on the right side of the page:

-      Download the new “BTUpdarer 1.1” PC software. You must have this version to upload the 2.0firmware

-      Download the new firmware:

-      To restore the previous version. If you want to go back to the previous version of firmware you must use the

If you never install the “BT Updater” before, remember to download also the following document:
-      BT Updater – How to update USB driver: in this document you will find how to update the USB driver, be sure to follow all the steps of this procedure, otherwise the PC software will not reconize the BT device connected on the USB port.
-      User guide BTUpdater 1.1 ENG: : in this document you will find the explanation of all the software features.

New features in version 2.0
FM Radio
·   FM radio seek:  now short press on Backward and Forward button to search for a new station
·  FM radio recorded station:  now long press onBackward and Forward button to choose the recorded station (1 to 6)
·  FM Radio enable/disable: now with the PC software is possible to disable or enable the FM Radio
·  Improved the FM radio RDS receiving and volume

Talk2All Universal Intercom
•  Now is possible to pair two Intercom units not Midland brand.

•  Intercom 6 person: Now is possible to pair 5 unit (3 Midland + 2 Talk2All), total people connected 6

Additional changes
·  Vox enable/disable: now if you disable or enable the vox by pressing the Backward button very long, the state is remembered also if you turn off the unit (the vox off/enable voice message has been added)
·  Wired  music enable/disable: now to disable or enable the wired music (AUX) you must press "Forward" and "Control" buttons togheter very long.
·  The beep and voice announcement volume has been improved.ù


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