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Nitek P1 Racerhead full face helmet Blue


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Technical detail:

  • P1 is the helmet conforms to the ECE 22.05.
  • The helmet shell P1 combines a streamlined design that is suitable for racing with complete protection. It consists of a special glass fiber reinforced composite materials developed by the Group Hehui Sports Protection, which provides to the helmet, the highest possible level of safety.
  • In order to optimize the absorption properties, the protective padding of the helmet consists of several components. The complex multi-layer of EPS has been designed to absorb and distribute the best strength of impacts ensuring a high level of protection. The generous size of the side sections ensure that helmets can provide an excellent fit to the head, and a great comfort.
  • The design of the helmet has been designed specifically to provide stability during use touring and / or sport-touring. Even at a speed sufficiently supported, the helmet will tend to not exerted forces that push upwards.
  • Many attezione to improve the acoustic properties of the helmet P1 without reducing its comfort. The aerodynamic placed in the area of ??the chin have been developed specifically to make the helmet quieter ensuring a more comfortable and relaxed, especially during long trips that require a high degree of concentration.
  • A quieter helmet is characterized by a low resistance to the wind. Whistles and noises are caused by eddies and turbulence that are created around the helmet. These generate localized pressure that are perceived by the user as noises (they are called pseudo-noise).
  • Only the one who wears the helmet can hear them. With most helmets the sound of the engine is covered by these sounds when you exceed the 100 km / h (approximately).
  • The deflector reduces road noise and turbulence in the helmet.
  • The lining anti-noise helps to reduce the noise inside the helmet.
  • The retention system of the helmet P1 consists of a strap to double-D which is further ensured by means of further protections located at the rear of the shell
  • The strap double-D is easy to use and allows to adjust its length in a very precise manner each time it is used the helmet.
  • Visor prepared for mounting of the anti-fog visor Pinlock.
  • Outer coating of the anti-scratch visor.
  • The visor can be replaced with a simple operation and without the use of any tool.
  • Pillows high-comfort, ensure that the helmet dressed in an ergonomic way close to the cheeks and the top cover rests gently on the head without
  • interfering with ventilation.
  • All parts of the lining are made of high quality materials and allergy, such as Coolmax (soft, breathable and comfortable).
  • Included in the package: transparent visor, dark, pin-lock anti-fog lens, kit pilizia helmet




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