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Nolan N104 Storm N-Com open-face helmet flat black

Nolan Group

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Nolan reinvents the flip-up helmet.
The new N104 model is the synthesis of all the innovation that Nolan® was able to introduce in the field of full-face flip-up helmets, starting with the first and innovating N100 (year 1998).
Nolan® is about to write a whole new page in history: N104 is, indeed, the helmet designed by the most demanding motorcyclists for the most careful ones. It was designed, developed, tested and engineered by a team of specialists who are passionate motorcyclists, before being engineers, designers or technicians.
N104 is, in fact, the highest expression of Nolan®'s new and exclusive innovations; it is a synonym for contemporary and elegant design and incomparable riding comfort. 100% Made in Italy, N104 is the flip-up helmet all other helmets compare to, thanks to the reliability of the Nolan® brand and to the obsessive attention for single details.
Technical features:

    The (patented) chin guard rotation movement with elliptical trajectory makes it possible to keep the total size of the helmet's front section to a minimum, when the chin guard is open. The "sail" effect is consequently highly reduced and riding comfort is still guaranteed, even when the chin guard is lifted.
    The N104 version is fitted with the exclusive (patented) DUAL ACTION chin guard opening system. Positioned in the centre of the chin guard, it allows for easy, one-handed Opening.
    The dual action opening mechanism reduces the risk of accidental opening to a minimum: the chin guard can be opened only operating the first release lever (or safety lock) and then activating the second lever.
    The visor assembled on the new N104 guarantees maximum riding comfort: the large surface makes it, indeed, possible to have a broader view, also lateral, thus highly increasing active safety.
    It can be removed easily and quickly, without any tools, for maintenance and/or replacement.
    It is also equipped with Pinlock® anti-fog visor with silicone-sealed profile (FSB).
    The N104 is equipped* with Pinlock® anti-fog visor with silicone-sealed profile (FSB).
    The exclusive shape of the visor offers a considerably broader field of vision, eliminating any interference in the upper part of the visor.
    The internal sunscreen on the new N104 is easy to activate, thanks to the innovative and intuitive (patent pending) activating system. It allows automatic and immediate retraction of the screen in the standby position, thus simplifying and speeding up the retraction process (e.g. when entering a tunnel).
    The internal sunscreen (VPS) is S/R (Scratch Resistant) and F/R (Fog Resistant) treated.
    The ventilation of the helmet's upper part uses the system. It ensures optimal ventilation where the rider's head most requires it avoiding any dispersion: the air is, indeed, extracted and forced into the most critical areas to guarantee maximum comfort also in extreme riding conditions.
    The new N104 innovative ventilation system is also equipped with an air intake in the chin guard, an air intake in the frontal area and two rear extractors recycling air inside the helmet.
    It is made up of removable cheek pads, inner liner, neck roll and wind protector. The inner padding of the new N104 is easily removable and washable and it is made of highly breathable, soft and fresh fabrics which ensure excellent comfort also in long rides. The fabric used also undergo antibacterial treatment.
    The shape of the inner comfort padding facilitates eyeglass wearing. The reflective insert at the centre of the roll neck further improves the rider's visibility at night and, consequently, the rider's active safety. The neck roll can be removed easily, for more comfort in the warmer months.
    The N104 version is equipped with the new Microlock2 The new (patent pending) Microlock2 release, as the traditional (patented) Microlock release by Nolan, differ from all other releases currently on the market for their double lever system.
    This system consists of a plastic ergonomic opening lever, and of a second aluminium toothed and holding lever.
    The toothed lever releases the micrometric strip, thus the chin strap can only be open with a very broad rotation of the opening lever. This important device minimizes the possibility of unintentional opening of the retention system, making it still ergonomic and easy to use.
    The Microlock2 comes together with considerable reduction of the size and weight of the release, compared to the traditional version, as well as with a 10-click micrometric strip.
    The N104 is set up to be equipped with the N-Com® B4 communication system, designed expressly for this new version. The N104 has been approved with the communication system installed and, therefore, complies with the UN/ECE 22-05 standard.
    The new N104 is P/J approved, in compliance with the legislation currently in force UN/ECE 22-05. P/J approval allow the motorcyclist to ride the vehicle both with open and closed chin guard, in compliance with the current legislation in force.


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