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PCShade Photochromic Insert for Arai Helmets Visors


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PCShade let you drive more comfortably, solving radically the moisture problem and preventing the needing of visor swaps during the long distance trips.
In fact in few seconds it adapts to the environmental brightness level. PCShade is the right visor for every day and every season.
With PCShade Raleri presents its own concept of photochromic insert: it's fast (it activates in 4"), works also inside UV filter equipped visors and it's cheap.
PCShade attaches to the visor in a safe but not damaging way thanks to its transparent Raleri gasket.
PCShade photochromic feature is steady into its life span:  the insert is equipped with the ColorMark system that indicates you when the pigment is starting to decay.

PCShade is available in three versions:
  • Standard, for Tourer and Jet Helmets
  • Small, for Race and Sport Helmets
  • Arai Compatible, to be installed on helmets having Vent system
PCShade has been designed for a top compatibility.

The length of Small and Arai Compatible versions is enough reduced to fit helmets having tear-offs hooks and/or other retention systems.
PCShade is a truly "universal" insert for jet, demi-jet, fullface, touring and sport helmets


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