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Suomy full face helmet SR Sport Replica Dovizioso


Cod: KSSR0014

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SHELL material tricarboco, fabric blend of Kevlar, carbon fiber, resin-bonded and made in two different sizes (M and L), hand-printed using the new technology involving the use of aramid resins.
POLISTIROLO INTERNAL protection in two sizes (M and L). The particular shape and construction of different densities increases the mechanical strength in case of accidental impact; provided with channels designed in the wind tunnel ensures perfect aeration.
VISIERA molded by thermoforming and not by injection is formed from a flat sheet: each visor is then one piece with the optical properties and mechanical strength and unmatched: moreover, with this system and the utilization of a polycarbonate plate specially made from General Electric which has the characteristic of being anti-scratch outside and antifog inside is not necessary to use cumbersome and sometimes distorting, film to be applied to the visor.
RETENTION SYSTEM D-rings designed and patented by Suomy is tested by millions of users and is, and remains, the retention system best in the world.
The strap is equipped with D-ring closure stainless steel corrosion button to fix strap. The button fastening is positioned in an area completely free and accessible and enables an easy and convenient actuation of the release system even while wearing gloves.
The particular conformation of the system D-Ring (Suomy patent) permits easy disengagement of the retention system also wearing gloves: when the automatic button is fastened, the strap forms a loop that can be used, in an extremely easy, as " ring "to pull the release tab and unfasten the lock system D-ring.
PILLOWS completely removable and washable, in different thicknesses for complete customization of the final product.
INNER SHELL completely removable and washable, in different thicknesses for complete customization of the final product.
The removable inner cap is designed ergonomically, in order to support uniform and controlled over the entire head.
The ventilation slots in view, make that the flow of air input termoregoli the inside of the helmet and the flow of hot air to be discharged smoothly from the rear.
INTERIORS (pillows and inner shell) are in fine fabric COOLMAX ® ACTIVE treated INTERPOWER:
Sweat away from the body
Keeps you cool, dry and comfortable
Lightweight, soft and breathable
Performance tested and certified by ADVANSA
Removable nose deflector
The innovative rear air intake on the SR SPORT was designed to further improve the internal ventilation of the helmet itself by exploiting the air flows residues which always thanks to the Venturi effect are capable of generating a depression in the underlying part of the same thus ensuring a substantial extraction of hot air inside and the consequent maintenance of a comfortable temperature even in the back of the head (neck).
The ventilation system of SR SPORT, together with the particular conformation of the inner shell of polystyrene, streamlines external and internal.
Powered by air taken into and using the Venturi effect, optimize internal ventilation. The rear spoiler is designed to reduce vibrations on the helmet, moving as far away the point of the "removal" of the aerodynamic flow. This reduces the vortices which are formed when a body impacts against an aerodynamic flow and also improves the discharge of the flows.
This ensures a spread as possible uniform and continuous flow of air into the shell, also favored by the extraction grid positioned in the rear.


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