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Manufacturer: BC Battery Controller | Sku: ACC612V

Universal adapter with BC cigarette lighter plug


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Product Description Universal adapter with BC cigarette lighter plug

The ACC612V accessory quickly and intuitively connects all BC Battery Controller battery chargers directly to any cigarette lighter socket, standard (18 mm diameter) or BMW type (DIN 4165 - 12 mm diameter). The BMW motorcycles, in fact, are equipped with the cigarette lighter socket according to the DIN 4165 standard. The range of BC Battery Controller Battery Charger, through the ACC612V adapter, can be compatible with the standard cigarette lighter socket installed on most of the BMW motorcycles circulating * .
The cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle is usually used as a current output. It is not as exploited, however, as Input (Input): you can enter current and reach the battery directly without having to install the connection cable that is supplied in the Base Kit of the Battery Charger.
In the event that the vehicles do not have them, the cigarette lighter socket can be purchased among the BC accessories (Code P12A).

The first advantage consists in the convenience and ease of use: instead of having to install additional wiring on your vehicle or use the Clamps / Crocodiles to connect to the battery, you can take advantage of what is already supplied as standard by your system. For cars, in particular this saves a lot of time and so the battery can become practically a daily operation: instead of having to raise the bonnet every time, you can reach the battery directly from the cigarette lighter socket with an operation a few seconds. For bikes, however, the convenience of the accessory is to avoid having to disassemble the vehicle to reach the battery and install the standard cable already provided in our installation kit.

The Plug Cigarette Lighter will allow you to access directly to the battery of your bike and your car and any other motor vehicle that already has a cigarette lighter installed on board: just check that the cigarette lighter is not locked (check that, when the vehicle is off, the cigarette lighter socket functions regularly as current output).

In addition to the internal protection fuse plug, which protects in case of accidental short circuits generated inside it, the Battery Charger Cigarette Lighter system is a safe system for the control unit and for any additional electronic equipment installed on your vehicle. The BC Battery Charger, in fact, is designed so as not to produce extra-currents in the electrical system. This permanent protection is essential to always ensure maximum safety, especially when the power supply is engaged, when the risk of this phenomenon is greater.
A last observation is necessary regarding the input current: the input current that flows through the cigarette lighter with the BC battery charger is much lower than the current that the cigarette lighter is able to provide, when it is used as an output of current.

(*) For all BMW motorcycles with CAN-Bus system, we recommend the BC K900 model, the only one compatible with the 12V socket installed as standard on the bike.
All other models of BC battery chargers can be used to charge and maintain BMW motorcycle batteries, by connecting the battery charger directly to the battery through eyelet wiring (code STD2V) or conventional clamps / crocodiles (code 30AMPPZ), that you will always find in the package.

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