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Dainese leather jacket Misano D-Air white black red fluo

Leather motorcycle jacket with D-Air airbags on neck, clavicle, chest and back shoulder, Pro-Armor technology and aluminum inserts to offer you protection and comfort.

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Regular Price: €1,599.95

Special Price €1,118.90

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Product Description

This full bloom cowhide jacket mounts the latest version of the D-air airbag system with extended activation areas in the neck, clavicle, shoulders, chest and back areas. The system control algorithm has also been updated and now analyzes the pilot's state 1,000 times per second. The control interface is now LED and is located on the forearm; The battery has a longer lifespan and provides 24 hours of continuous operation, complete recharging takes place in 4 hours.
Micro elastic inserts, as well as air intakes on the sides, provide comfort. The D-air® system includes Pro-Armor technology and also combined with aluminum inserts on the shoulders, offering a superior level of protection.

With the purchase of a D-Air product, we will record on the Dainese database the data related to the D-air® product together with the buyer's data so that they can be traced for subsequent maintenance and possible replacement of the bag be made exclusively by the Dainese Assistance service. If the buyer's data is different from the data of the end user of the D-air® product, we kindly ask you to contact Dainese for data changes.
In case of activation or damage to the product, do not use the System further until it is restored by the Dainese Assistance Service. The Dainese Assistance service can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at +39 0424 410711. The system is sent and returned to the customer.
Even in the event of non-activation, the System must be serviced by Dainese after a period of five years from the date of manufacture shown in your D-air® product. Check with the Dainese Assistance service the easiest way. Proper maintenance is essential for the correct functioning of the system.

- Full-flowered D-skin cowhide
- Bi-elastic S1 fabric
- Microelastic inserts on the back
- Aluminum inserts on shoulders
- LED interface

- The protection of Pro-Armor technology is integrated into the D-air® system, in fact, the new revolutionary paraschiena offers protection and ergonomics that add to the performance of the airbag system. The fractal structure allows the protector to dynamically mold its shape around the body. The densest structure at the spine guarantees maximum protection. Towards the ends the texture loosens to provide greater flexibility. The shock energy absorbed by the Carbon Elastomer is dissipated through the fractals. Maximum performance and local comfort are the result of the combination given by the polymer and its structure. The surface is highly perforated for maximum breathability.

- 2 front pockets
- Adjustable bust
- Pants and jackets
- Aerodynamic hood

- Jacket with integrated D-air system and protectors certified according to EC Directive - Cat II - 89/686 / EEC
- Aluminum inserts on shoulders
- Pro-armor Soft Protectors certified according to EN 1621.1 on shoulders
- Composite elbow protectors certified according to EN 1621.1 TEMPERATURE
- Silver-treated NanoFeel® lining
- 3D-Bubble lining Air vents on the sides

D-air® is an airbag system that does not have to install any connection or sensor on the motorcycle for road use that works only when integrated and connected to a Dainese protective garment. The system houses 6 sensors, electronics and GPS inside the integrated paraschit without the need for kits to be installed on the vehicle. The D-air® controller monitors signal signals from sensors 1000 times per second, leveraging a sophisticated activation algorithm.
It works on:

The bag is high pressure inflated, anatomically preformed and has a volume of 11 liters
The D-air® system recognizes the type of accident and activates by providing additional protection in the following situations:
- Front and side collisions with fixed or moving objects.
- Highsides: Pilot disengagement due to sliding of the rear wheel followed by a sudden retraction of adhesion.
- Sliding with or without rolling: loss of grip on the front or rear wheel followed by rolling or slipping of the pilot.

BATTERY AUTOMONY: increased autonomy for continuous protection up to 24h
LED INTERFACE: Renewed LED interface on the arm that allows control of the operation of the system.
BATTERY CHARGING: Recharges fast in 4 hours

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Dainese leather jacket Misano D-Air white black red fluo

Dainese leather jacket Misano D-Air white black red fluo

Regular Price: €1,599.95

Special Price €1,118.90

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