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Fixing Rifle GoPro Sportsman Mount


Cod: DK00150087


€ 74,00


Support GoPro with a taste for adventure.
Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, Sportsman support allows you to resume your adventures from a new point of view. Mount your GoPro on the bow or the fishing rod and take continuous shooting POV engaging while you dedicate yourself to your favorite sport: in the woods, on the ground or in water.
Ideal for fishing.
Install your GoPro on the fishing rod and live action like you've never seen before. Sportsman support is suitable for most of the handles of fishing rods and allows you to share your adventures on the water from the fresh water to the deep-sea fishing.
Thought for the arches.
Mount your GoPro on the arch and makes videos overtime in the woods or in the field. Compound bows allow even greater flexibility. Arrange the room in the front to get a view down or point it at you and resume when the arrow flies.
He makes videos from different points of view.
Mount one or two cameras and makes videos that look forward, backward or both directions. Depending on the size, shape and type of bow, you can install the camera at various points. On fishing rods, however, you can install the camera below or above the handle and thus realize the video from a unique perspective.

Compatible with guns, fishing rods and strings with a diameter of between 10mm and 23mm;
Compatible with most of the rifles, revolvers, paintball and pellet gun;
It can mount one or two rooms to capture images Front, rear or from both directions;
As it is used with rifles or fishing rods, the room can be set below or to the side of the barrel;
The anti-glare finish and antiopaco ensures low visibility

Sportsman Mount
Standard + Skeleton Backdoor Mounts
Center + Side Brackets
Mounting material assorted


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