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Handle extension tripod GoPro 3-Way


Cod: DK00150114


€ 74,00


This ultra-versatile support can be used in three different ways: as a handle, extension or camcorder tripod. The swivel arm is perfect for shooting in first person or type of follow-cam; also allows you to achieve the self-portraits without the media is visible in the frame. If disconnected from the arm, the handle can be used as a handle of the camera. Inside the handle is a small lightweight tripod content, which can be used independently or in combination with the handle. It can be stretched up to 50.8 cm and reduced to only 19 cm.

• It can be used in three different ways: as a handle for the camera, as an extension and how tripod.
• Configurable for a wide range of uses: from movie making firsthand and self-portraits, a shooting-type follow-cam, a static shots from the tripod and more.
• The folding arm allows you to easily create self-portraits of the frame without support.
• If the arm is joined to the handle, you can use it for a point of view or for shooting addictive type follow-cam.
• The handle can be disconnected from the arm and used as a handle of the camera.
• The separate tripod can be stored conveniently inside the handle.
• The mini-tripod Ultra-light can be used independently or together to the handle.
• Water-proof structure for use in and out of the water.
• Measures 50.8 cm at its maximum extension; only 19 cm, if bent.



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