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Scorpion EXO 1000 AIR MILAN full face helmet PearlWhite-Black


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The flagship of the range road and the first helmet in the world to have proposed Airfit ® technology, the Scorpion Exo-1000 Air takes us back in 2011 with a completely new version. Lighter, offers a unique strength and "intelligent" against shock impact, molded fiber composite structure called tri-TCT ®. More comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off thanks to the new lining called Kwikwick2 ®, all associated all'Airfit Concept ® next generation, a ventilation system further improved and a quieter, Scorpion Exo-1000 Air Type E11 definitely off in terms of quality and safety to all its competitors. Last but not least, the new visor in the 2011 version provides the system Pinlock ® MaxVision (the only helmet in the world - together all'Exo Air 500 - to predict the series) able to seduce and persuade drivers to be more demanding in 'everyday and on long trips. Like its predecessor, the standard equipment is very rich with a retractable sun visor with anti-mist, a sealing ring to "Double D", the removable nose deflector and chin ...
In 'Exo-1000 Air Type E11 is pretty much the whole series! Those who bought the first generation 1000 Exo already familiar with the sporty elegance and distinct look of the series Top of the range of the Scorpion, features that are absolute in their fulfillment in this new "work" with its lines But from sweet and smooth! Indulged your passion with the new Scorpion Exo-1000 Air Type E11, GT probably the best helmet in the world!

Born from the vision of an artist from the hands of silver, the new Scorpion Exo-1000 FANTASIA Air reveals its magic to light changes gradually showing reflections bursting with color depending on the angle from which we observe: the going green to purple to gray ... to shine the myriad aspects of your passion!

Technical details:

  • CONCEPT Airfit: The pump allows the rider to customize the fit of the helmet precisely thanks to the padding of the pillows mounted on bearings adjustable air, equipped with a sound attenuation complementary. By SCORPION EXO!
  • Perfectly integrated in the visor, the system Pinlock ® creates an air chamber that prevents watertight - in fact - the formation of condensation and fogging, even if the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the helmet increases .
  • Thermodynamical TCT ® Composite Technology: In addition to being extremely light, with a gain of about 300 grams for the new Exo-1000 Air Type E11 than its predecessor, the new outer shell made of the Thermodynamical Composite Technology (TCT ®) provides protection ever before in the universe of helmets.
  • Incredibly "intelligent", the shell made with this technology has the ability, in the event of impact, to deform progressively so as to absorb a greater amount of energy, while maintaining a structure really very durable.
  • SpeedView is a retractable sun visor that reduces internal instantly visually impaired by varying lighting conditions without having to replace the visor.
  • Quick-change visor SpeedShift (patent pending): visor replacement fast, safe and without tools in less than ten seconds.
  • System lock screen: a lever with 3 position switch allows you to lock the visor in the closed or slightly open.
  • Interior fabric KwikWick2 ®: Extremely effective, hypoallergenic, removable and machine washable, as well as sweet and pleasant to the touch, the inner lining of the new range Scorpion KwickWick2 ® 2011 offers maximum breathability and comfort to the face and head gently accarezzandovi .
  • Ventilation system: the air vents front and rear adjustable with aerodynamic front spoiler which allows to reduce the risk of lifting, creating a vacuum and maximizing the flow of air through the helmet.
  • Breath deflector: enhanced anti performances.
  • Protect-chin: contributes to noise reduction.
  • Closure of the Double D chin strap with stud
  • Certificate ECE 22-05.



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